“Whispers On the Wind” launched to immediate acclaim! September 2017 - While Sept. 8th found most of us Floridians hunkering down or making plans to flee from Hurricane Irma, the Jazz Surge’s latest recording, “Whispers On the Wind”, was widely released.   No sooner than it hit store shelves (a modern metaphor if there ever was one!!), Jeff Simon of the Buffalo News penned the first review […]
Redesigned Webstore offers Whispers charts/scores September 2017 - Please check out the newly renovated webstore where, in addition to Jazz Surge CDs you’ll find an expanded array of charts (including some re-orchestrated versions that eliminate woodwind doubles) and study scores. In addition to the “Whispers” charts, you’ll find arrangements Chuck crafted for Denmark’s Aarhus Jazz Orchestra available for the first time.
“Whispers On the Wind” On the Way!! June 2017 - It’s DONE!!   In their 1st recording since the twice Grammy nominated “River Runs”, the Jazz Surge, having shed the orchestral trappings characterizing the prior ambitious work, would appear to have returned to a more standard jazz big band outing. “Whispers”, however, is anything but standard big band fare!! This project expands upon Owen’s interest […]

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