I AM ALWAYS DELIGHTED to discuss ideas for creative new projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly for information regarding commissions, guest conducting/workshops, lectures, and booking Surge appearances.  I’m always willing to attempt to answer questions and eager to hear your comments about the Jazz Surge, my compositions, or this website.


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Physical CDs for any of the Jazz Surge projects are available for sale right here on the website storefront.  However, you may also purchase pretty much anywhere recordings are still sold. 

Printed Music
Most of my recent charts are sold exclusively through my website store.  However, many charts from earlier Surge CDs and other projects are published through:

ISJAC (International Society for Jazz Arrangers & Composers)
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You’ll find info about the upcoming Jazz Composers’ Symposium and other ISJAC sponsored events as well as guest composer blogs and more.

USF Jazz Studies
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