Within Us

Record Tracklist

  1. Steve Wilson, Warren Wolf, Mark Neuenshwander

    -:-- / 6:27

  2. Sara Caswell, LaRue Nickelson

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    -:-- / 11:59

  3. Tami Danielsson, Jerald Shynett

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    -:-- / 7:14

  4. Jack Wilkins, Clay Jenkins, Danny Gottlieb, Matt Vance

    -:-- / 7:45

  5. Sara Caswell, Corey Christiansen, Tom Brantley

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    -:-- / 10:35

  6. Sara Caswell, Jack Wilkins, Steve Wilson

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    -:-- / 6:18

  7. Clay Jenkins, Warren Wolf

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    -:-- / 9:34

  8. Per Denielsson, Rex Wertz

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    -:-- / 6:36

“Excellent writing, splendid musicianship, and memorable solos . . .  Within Us is a gem.” – Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“Nothing, not even a pandemic that silenced and stupefied most artists into submission, could tamp down Owen and his ensemble’s cinematic majesty.  If you listen closely, you can hear Chuck Owen’s heart and soul.”  – Carol Banks Weber, Festival Peak

“If you love big bands then this is for you. If you don’t love big bands then this is even more so for you.” – Be-bop Spoken Here

“It kills—brimming with a vivid array of colors (including violin and dobro) and shifting dynamics. . . . .  at once challenging and eminently listenable, . . . .a seamless stream of grabby melodies and solos. – Eric Snider, Creative Loafing

“ . . . a joy and an inspiration, hands-down one of the top ten jazz albums of the year.” – delarue, NY Music Daily / Lucid Culture

“ . . . a joy and an inspiration, hands-down one of the top ten jazz albums of the year.” – delarue, NY Music Daily / Lucid Culture


Featuring Guest Soloists:
Warren Wolf – Vibes/Marimba

Also Featuring:
Sara Caswell– Violin

Tamara Damielsson
Steve Wilson
Jack Wilkins
Rex Wertz
Matt Vance

Frank Greene
Jay Coble
Mike Iapichino
Clay Jenkins

Keith Oshiro
Tom Brantley
Jerald Shynett
Jim Hall

Rhythm Section:
Sarah Caswell – Violin
Per Danielsson – Piano
Corey Christiansen – Dobro, Nylon String, Steel String, 12-String Guitars
LaRue Nickelson – Guitar
Mark Neuenschwander – Bass
Beth Gottlieb — Djembe (on Sparks Fly)
Danny Gottlieb – Drums
Chuck Owen – Accordion, Hammered Dulcimer

creative, poetic . .  . . . an adventure communing with a primal and mysterious America.”
Jeff Simon, Buffalo News


Produced by: Chuck Owen & Tom Morris
Recorded: May 24-26, 2021 at Starke Lake Studios, Orlando, FL.
Mixed & Mastered at Morrisound Studios, Tampa FL
Recording, Mixing, & Mastering Engineer: Tom Morris
Assistant Engineer: Jason Blackerby
Studio Assistants: Ross Strauser, Aaron West, Simon Lasky, Kathy Sakson
Additional Engineering Assistance: Jim Morris, Jon Tucker, Tanner Lindsey

Cover Art Sculpture: Ya La’ford (Celestial Sphere)
Cover Art Photo: Martha Asencio Rhine/Tampa Bay Times viz SUMA wire
Videography/Photography: Jared Brown, Gary Granger, John Cundy, Natash Thornton, Tyler McElrath, Jason Su