Charts from: Whispers on the Wind


*Re-orchestrated versions are intended to be playable with standard Jazz Ens. instrumentation and, therefore, also offer cued alternatives for parts that may have been originally recorded by Harmonica, Violin, 2nd Gtrs., etc. While maintaining the same form and content, for all intents and purposes, parts can not be mixed and matched between arrangements.

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All Hat, No Saddle, A Phares of the Heart – Surge Edition, A Phares of the Heart (No WW Dbls)*, Can’t Remember Why, Gunslingers, Into the Blue, Sentinel Rock, Warped Cowboy – Surge Edition, Warped Cowboy (No WW Dbls)*, Next Step, Next Step (No WW Dbls)*, Busy Bass Blues, How Lucky We Are, Kvintjam, A Ridge Away – Student, A Ridge Away – Surge