“. . . .a progressive big band playing at its finest.”
—Dave Nathan, All About Jazz“This is the kind of record one returns to with increasing pleasure.”
Johnny Adams, Monterey County Post


1) Madcap 8:03
Madcap – Listen to clip
Jack Wilkins – Tenor Sax
John Abercrombie – Guitar
Dave Hardman – Drums

2) Tarwathi 10:10
Tarwathi – Listen to clip
Corey Christiansen – Guitar
Jack Wilkins – Trumpet
Tim Hagans – Trumpet
Barry Greene – Guitar
Jerald Shynett – Trombone

3) Beautiful Love 9:27
Mike Smith – Alto Sax
Keith Oshiro – Trombone
Mark Neuenschwander – Bass

4) I Don’t Hear Nothin’ 7:49
Tim Hagans – Trumpet
Mike Smith – Soprano Sax

5) Magic Light 7:00
John Abercrombie – Guitar
Valerie Gillespie – Alto Sax

6) But Beautiful 8:57
Tom Parmerter – Trumpet
John Abercrombie – Guitar



Valerie Gillespie
Tami Danielsson
Jack Wilkins
Rex Wertz
Matt Vance

Keith Oshiro
Chris Clifton
Andrea Rawlison
Jerald Shyneet
Jim Hall

John Robinson
Ron Turner
Jay Coble
Mike Iapichino
Tom Parmerter

Barry Greene – Guitar
Clay Perry – Piano
Mark Neuenschwander – Bass
Danny Gottlieb – Drums
Dave Hardman – Drums
Chuck Owen – Keyboards

Corey Christiansen – Additional guitar on Madcap, Tarwathi, & Beautiful Love
Beth Gottlieb – Percussion on Tarwathi, Beautiful Love, & I Don’t Hear Nothin’

“Owen never loses his lyrical sense . . . it never stops swinging!
— John Killoch, Mainly Big Bands, U.K.