Grammy Celebration!! February 2018

What a great honor and wonderful time attending the 2018 Grammy Celebration in New York surrounded by family and several of the Surge members. Thanks to all of you who supported us!!





“Whispers On the Wind” named #1 Big Band Album of the Year in 39th Annual Jazz Station Awards. Other End of Year Kudos included: January 2018
  • Named in Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2017 by:
    • WBGO (Gary Walker – Newark)
    • WDCB (Neil Tesser – Chicago)
    • WHRV (Jae Sinnett – Norfolk)
    • KMUW (Chris Heim – Wichita)
  • Named in Top 20 Jazz Albums of 2017 by:
    • New York Music Daily
    • Jazz History Online
“Whispers” Garners 4 2018 GRAMMY Nominations!!! November 2017

On Nov. 28th, “Whispers On the Wind”, the 6th and latest CD from Chuck Owen with the Jazz Surge was honored with FOUR GRAMMY nominations for:

  • Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
  • Best Improvised Jazz Solo (Sara Caswell, Vln.)
  • Best Instrumental Composition (Warped Cowboy)
  • Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella (All Hat, No Saddle)

This brings the ensemble’s total up to 7 (!), having received two for “River Runs” in 2014 and one for “The Comet’s Tail” in 2010.

Reviews have been effusive in their praise for “Whispers” with SoulandJazz.com and JazzWeekly naming in their Jazz CD of the week:

  • “creative, poetic, . . . wildly personal” – Buffalo News
  • “a grand sweeping set . . . . Killer Stuff!” – Midwest Record Reviews
  • “an impressive melding of Montana and 52nd St.” – Jazz Weekly
  • “Reality on a sizzling hot silver platter.: – Medium.com

For more comments and reviews visit: http://www.chuckowen.com/media/reviews-and-testimonials/

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