Make A Difference

With funding for the arts slashed, individual support for jazz composition is needed more than ever!!  Of course, everyone has their own priorities for giving; but I thought I’d recommend a few endeavors with which I am personally involved, support financially, and that are not only deserving but would greatly appreciate any financial support you can offer.

International Society of Jazz Arrangers & Composers (ISJAC)
I can’t tell you how excited I am about the vision the ISJAC Board has for the development of this still nascent Society.  The 2017 Jazz Composers’ Symposium (produced as a partnership between ISJAC and USF) was an absolute smash and will return – bigger and better, I’m sure – in 2019 at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  However, with your support, there is SO much more we are eager to produce and accomplish in recognizing and supporting the role of jazz composition.  Please consider a gift to ISJAC by contacting:  Dr. Brian Coyle,

Owen Prize (through USF College of the Arts)
I initiated this endowment to recognize student talent and significant jazz compositions at USF via an annual competition.  While still housed at USF, a collaborative agreement with ISJAC has resulted in broadening the competition to include student composers from throughout the world!  While currently a significant prize/purse, ISJAC and USF hope to expand the impact of this prestigious award to assist the Owen Prize winners by providing an array of professional opportunities; from high-profile performances, to recordings, publications, and more.  A gift here will support the future of jazz composition!  Contact:  Bill Faucett, USF CoTA Development:

USF Jazz Studies
Recognizing and reflecting on all of the amazing accomplishments  (both professional and personal) of our USF School of Music and Jazz Studies grads is one of my greatest sources of pride and joy.  After 35 years, there’s quite a lineage: Solo recording artists, freelance composers and musicians, film scorers, publishing execs, recording engineers, and of course educators at every level.  Your support of this educational mission which I’ve dedicated much of my career to would mean a lot and ensure future generations of jazz musicians will continue to thrive.  To make a gift contact Bill Faucett in the USF College of the Arts Development Office: