River Runs

Reviews of “River Runs”

“an inspiring jazz suite”…more

JazzWeekly, George W. Harris, June 2013


“Mr. Owen has created a masterpiece of aural sounds; a dazzling array of prismatic colors and textures that envelop the listener in a splendidly evocative way”…more

Huffington Post / Notes on Jazz, Blogspot.com, Ralph Miriello, July 2013


“River Runs is a remarkable piece of work, full of contrast and specific tone-painting, integrating jazz and classical elements with a sure hand and greater respect for both than has sometimes been the case in such hybrids”…more

Fanfare Magazine, Phillip Scott, Sept/Oct, 2013


“This is a fascinating piece of program music and it deserves to be widely heard. I think it belongs in the recording library of every fan of contemporary music”…more

Fanfare Magazine, Maria Nockin, Sept/Oct 2013


“As stated in a previous JAZZIZ on Disc item, music can powerfully convey a sense of place.  Composer Chuck Owen provides an entire travelogue”…more

Jazziz Magazine, Summer 2013


“Owen has produced a wonderful recording, dexterously using every instrument at his disposal to engender a captivating voyage whose allure is by no means limited to those who cherish rivers as he does”…more

All About Jazz,  Jack Bowers, August 2013


“remarkably beautiful music”…more

BlogCritics / Seattle Post Intelligencer, Jack Goodstein, April 2013


“sparkling orchestral writing. With a mix of technical complexity and pop brightness that is irresistible, like a New Orleans gumbo of Stravinsky and funk”…more

Tampa Bay Times, John Fleming, April 2013


“Egghead jazz that anyone can enjoy”…more

Midwest Record, Chris Specter, March 2013


“Chuck Owen’s great tribute to the powers of nature with his superb big band the Jazz Surge”…more

Buffalo News, Jeff Simon, April 2013


“Owen’s music will go everywhere it can: his colors are amazingly diverse. . . . . . . imaginative, paradigm-shifting and often exhilarating”…more

New York Music Daily, Alan Young, April 2013