JazzWeekly, 2013

What you’ve got here is an inspiring jazz suite composed, orchestrated and conducted by Chuck Owen that is inspired by the wonderful rivers of America, particularly in the South.  Whitewater delights such as the Chatooga and Salmon Rivers (both of which I’ve ridden) as well as mellow delights like the Hillsborough are sonically reflected by a well assembled orchestra that features solos by LaRue Nickelson/g and Jack Wilkins/ts. Orchestral sounds that mix strings and jazz sounds range from Bartok to Copland on “Chutes and Wave Trains” and “Side Hikes” while panoramic delights appear on the glorious “Bound Away” and “Dark Waters, Slow Waters.” Wilkins’ guitar has a tensile attraction during “Perhaps…” while Wilkins’ muscular tenor veers in and out like a ducky on a class IV. Excellent atmospheres, rhythms and moods, with stellar harmonies reflecting the geographic wonders of America. You’ll love this delight.

-George Harris