Comet’s Tail

All tracks composed by Michael Brecker for Grand Street Music / BMI.   Itsbynne Reel composed by Michael Brecker & Don Grolnick.


Peep (Arr. Fred Stride)
Peep – Listen to clip

Randy Brecker, Trpt.
Mike Stern, Guitar

Slings and Arrows (Arr. Vince Mendoza)
LaRue Nickelson, Guitar
Jack Wilkins, Tenor Sax
Danny Gottlieb, Drums

Itsbynne Reel (Arr. Chuck Owen)
Jack Wilkins, Tenor Sax
Rob Thomas, Violin
LaRue Nickelson, Guitar

How Long ‘Til the Sun (Arr. Chuck Owen)
Randy Brecker, Flugelhorn
Per Danielsson, Piano
Rob Thomas, Violin

Sumo (Arr. Dave Stamps)
Dave Liebman, Tenor Sax
Tom Brantley, Trombone
Rob Thomas, Violin

The Mean Time (Arr. Gil Goldstein)
Jack Wilkins, Tenor Sax
Mike Stern, Guitar
Dave Liebman, Soprano Sax

Take a Walk (Arr. Chuck Owen)
Mike Mainieri, Vibes
Joe Lovano, Tenor Sax
Dave Liebman, Soprano Sax

Everything Happens When You’re Gone (Arr. Chuck Owen)
Joe Lovano, Tenor Sax

The Comet's Tail






The Comet's Tail - Trumpet







The Comet's Tail - Violin Mainieri 1


Special Guest Appearances by:

  • Randy Brecker
  • Dave Liebman
  • Joe Lovano
  • Mike Mainieri
  • Adam Nussbaum
  • Mike Stern
  • Rob Thomas


Jazz Surge – Directed by Chuck Owen

Tami Danielsson
Valerie Gillespie
Jack Wilkins
Rex Wertz
Matt Vance
Chad Shoopman
Mike Iapichino
Jay Coble
Tom Parmerter
Keith Oshiro
Tom Brantley
Jerald Shynett
Jim Hall
Per Danielsson, Pno.
LaRue Nickelson, Gtr
Mark Neuenschwander, Bass
Danny Gottlieb, Drums

With additional contributions from:

Lowell Adams, Cello on “How Long ‘Til the Sun”
David Coash, Percussion on “How Long ‘Til the Sun”, “Itsbynne Reel”


Produced by: USF Center for Jazz Composition & Chuck Owen
Engineered and Mastered by: Tom Morrs
Recorded: April 24, 25, October 18, & November 5, 2007.  Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL.
Additional Recording: Ken Wallace, Ian London Productions, New York, NY.  / Kent Heckman, Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, PA.