Here We Are

“cliche free ensemble writing enhanced by imaginative soloing . . . . . (an) inspiring musical adventue.”
J.R. Killoch, Mainly Big Bands 


 All titles composed and arranged by Chuck Owen except where noted

1) E Ticket 
E Ticket – Listen to clip
Ingrid Jensen – Trumpet
Rob Thomas – Violin
Jack Wilkins – Tenor Sax
2) Glib 
Glib – Listen to clip
Rex Wertz – Tenor Sax
Gary Versace – Organ
3) My Foolish Heart 
My Foolish Heart – Listen to clip
Comp. by Ned Washington & Victor Young/ Arr. Chuck Owen
Jack Wilkins – Tenor Sax

 4) Duets
LaRue Nickelson – Guitar
Rob Thomas – Violin
Valerie Gillespie – Alto Sax
5) Off Flow
Comp. by Dave Liebman / Arr. Chuck Owen
Larue Nickelsen – Guitar
Ingrid Jensen – Trumpet

Red Beans and Ricely Yours
6) Part 1 – Struttin’
Mike Iappichino – Flugelhorn
Jack Wilkins – Tenor Sax
Tom Brantley – Trombone
“Dixie” Group – Keith Oshiro, Rex Wertz, Tom Parmerter, Rob Thomas

7) Part 2 – A Gate’s Gate
Barry Greene – Guitar
Tom Parmerter – Trumpet
“Dixie Group” – as above

Here We Are

 Valerie Gillespie on Flute                Brian Scanlon, Mike Iappichino, and Mark Neuenschwander


Valerie Gillespie – Alto Sax, Flute
Tami Danielsson – Alto Sax, Alto Flute, Soprano Sax
Jack Wilkins – Tenor Sax, Bass Clar.,
Rex Wertz – Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clar., Clar.
Matt Vance – Bari. Sax, Contra-Alto Clar., Bass Clar.

Brian Scanlon
Mike Iapichino
Jay Coble
Tom Parmerter

Keith Oshiro
Tom Brantley
Jerald Shynett
Jim Hall

Rhythm Section:
Per Danielsson – Piano
LaRue Nickelson – Guitar, Steel String Guitar
Mark Neuenschwander – Bass, Elec. Bass
Danny Gottlieb – Drums

Rex Wertz on Clarinet - Here We Are                 Tom Parmerter & Jay Coble

Ingrid Jensen – Trumpet (on E Ticket, Off Flow)
Rob Thomas – Violin (on all but My Foolish Heart)
Dave Coash – Percussion (on Red Bean’s, Duets)
Lowell Adams – Cello (on Duets)
Gary Versace – Hammond B-3 Organ (on Glib, Red Bean’s)
Barry Greene – Guitar (on A Gate’s Gate)
Lex Macar – 12-String Guitar (on A Gate’s Gate)



Produced by: Chuck Owen
Recorded on: March 24, 25, Sept. 30, 2003 at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL
Engineer: Tom Morris
Liner Notes: Philip Booth
Cover /Backcover Photography: Clyde Butcher
Insert Photography: Jason Marsh


Clyde Butcher’s photographs are available through his website ( and Big Cypress / Venice, FL galleries.

"Here We Are" Performance at IAJE in New York
"Here We Are" Performance at IAJE in New York