I’m delighted to share news of my latest musical adventure – ReSurgence – a sextet comprised of members of my Jazz Surge family with the addition of the phenomenal Matt Wilson (the Jazz Journalists’ Association’s 2018 “Musician of the Year”).   I certainly hope that you are as intrigued and excited about this foray as I am!  As you’ll see, there are several opportunities for you to check out, join us and/or participate in the launch of this project!!   Resurgence is:

Sara Caswell, Violin
Jack Wilkins, Saxophone
Corey Christiansen, Guitars
Chuck Owen, Keyboard/Accordion?
Mark Neuenschwander, Bass
Matt Wilson, Drums

I’m having a wonderful time writing and arranging for this more intimate collective which will get together in Tampa, FL in late August for a series of performances and recordings. While the recordings will not be commercially released, there are several ways you can get an inside peak at them or the group. As I’m extremely excited to share the initial results with you, I hope you’ll take advantage of one of these!

ReSurgence Concerts & Intimate Conversations

The band will do two informal concerts surrounding the recording sessions. These ARE open to the public although both are relatively small halls and have limited seating!  This will be the Premier Performance of ReSurgence!  It only happens once!!  Don’t miss it!!!

Wed., Aug. 28th 7:30 PM - Mainstage Theater at HCC/Ybor City
Sponsored by the Tampa Jazz Club as part of the HCC Visual & Performing Arts Series
For tickets and more information

Fri., Aug. 30th 7:30 PM - Timucua Arts Series, Orlando, FL
Sponsored by the Timucua Arts Foundation
For tickets and more information.

Exclusive Access to the Recordings

While in Tampa, the band plans to record 3 works for a recording (Demo) that will remain unavailable to the general public.  YOU, however, are invited to get a sneak peek of these new works by showing your support for Chuck and this project in one of two ways:

  • DONATE! - Any donor giving $25 or more will be provided access to a private streaming website including the recorded audio files AND some intimate videos from the sessions.
  • ANY purchase from Chuck’s web-store totaling $25 or more. Are you missing a Jazz Surge recording from your collection?  Want to pick up a study score or maybe a complete chart for your band to perform this fall??  This is the perfect time to make that purchase and quench your curiosity about what ReSurgence is all about!  Click here to visit the web-store!

Click here to secure your copy!

VIP Studio Access / Associate Producer Reception

Thurs., August 29th, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
Morrisound Studios, Seminole Heights.
$500 per person

The brand-new home of Morrisound Studios, Tampa’s premier recording facility for the past 30+ years, is really intriguing! . . . . . . but it’s small and very cozy!!  So, this is an EXTREMELY limited offer for those individuals who desire:

  • to play a significant role in assisting Chuck and his group embark on this new venture.
  • an opportunity to get to meet and get to know all of the artists and studio engineers in a very intimate environment.
  • a chance to hear in the studio environment a bit of what the band has already recorded.
  • to listen in and observe a live recording take IN the room with the musicians.
  • a chance to appear with the band in the video they are preparing as well have your picture taken with them.
  • to be listed as an Associate Producer in the video credits.

Click here to RSVP

I am so grateful for the support and interest in my music so many of you have shown over the past years.  They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks . . . . well . . . . I think we’re about to test that hypothesis!!  I hope you’ll want to be part of the “study”!

My best to all,