River Runs nominated for 2 GRAMMYS!!

River Runs Cover


“An incredibly colorful portrait . . . . the voices of Jack Wilkins and LaRue Nickelson soaring throughout.”
Dave Liebman


“A tour de force in contemporary orchestral composition…
Rufus Reid


“Pure joyful sounds. Harmony that lives up to the word. Jazz has never sounded better.”
Bob Belden


“‘River Runs deep . . . .free-flowing into cross-currents, but always moving
forward towards it’s destination . . . . an Ocean of Melody, Sound and Soul.”
Randy Brecker

Composers Notes

There is little more conducive to an extended, free-flowing conversation than finding yourself floating leisurely down a sparkling river on a warm, sunny day. Nevertheless, I find one of the most desired attributes in a canoe or raft partner is the ability to sense intuitively when to maintain perfect silence and just let the sounds of the river speak for themselves. Wanting to accord the same respect to my listeners, I’m tempted to let “River Runs” simply speak for itself – knowing it will address each listener in a completely unique way and with much more eloquence than I am likely to muster here…..more

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